Group Weight Loss Coaching

Group Weight Loss Coaching is offered 3 times a year:  with 12 week sessions beginning in: January, April, & September.

Each week I will guide the group through a new section from the Weight Loss Workbook. We will connect on a group call each week for 90 minutes.

Group calls will allow you to laugh and learn about the struggles and successes others are experiencing. The group setting can best serve those who enjoy being connected with others, working towards a common goal.

The group coaching also provides a separate personal connection with me, as your coach.  You will email me weekly on how well you are showing up in your daily life. This personal connection will help you be accountable, as you form new habits to best serve you.

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No Refund Policy

Please note: Once sessions have been purchased – there are NO REFUNDS.  Please read my *NO REFUND Policy for more information. If you want to talk live about my no refund policy – please request a call in your email.