Assume YOUR Goal & Make It Happen

I learned a new priceless lesson.
From the one who taught me “No Thanks” at the tender age of 2.
She provided me a brand new priceless gift.
Assume YOUR Goal & Make It Happen – Priceless

I am constantly in awe of her good nature,
Her kind heart, her empathy and compassion.
But once again, she stopped me in my tracks.
With her amazing focus and commitment to her goal.

She came over to visit me for a couple hours last night.
Once she arrived – plans morphed into “a spend the night”.
Little did I know this was her plan all along.
She came with her backpack filled with:
Her new toothbrush – Clue #1.
And her hair brush – Clue #2.

After finishing up dinner and getting ready for her bath I see she has
Laid out MANY items from her backpack on the bathroom counter – Clue #3.
And draped fresh clothes on the towel rack – for after her bath – Clue #4.
I felt totally played – I realized she never planned to come over for a few hours.
She had planned to “spend the night” all along. She is 4.

Four years old and a master at making things happen.
She is kind, polite and committed.
I was oblivious. I didn’t see it coming.
I sincerely thought the invitation to have her stay overnight was a NEW idea.
My Idea.
Little did I realize this was her plan – all along

I felt bamboozled, honored, delighted and in awe – all at the same time.
I marveled at how perfectly she worked her plan.
A gift to witness.
A priceless gift.

She had packed like a young woman in her early 20’s.
Not forgetting a thing a young lady needs to stay overnight.
She laid everything out on my bathroom counter as a lady would do at a hotel.
She hung up her clothes – as though settling into the Grandma Hotel.

She assumed she would spend the night – and her plan worked.
She was prepared with everything she needed to comfortably stay over.
Every move she made was quiet, graceful, kind, committed and deliberate.
She handled everything to make her goal successful – leaving nothing to chance.
She Assumed her Goal and She Made it Happen – Priceless…

The Steps:

  1. Know YOUR Goal
  2. Commit to YOUR Goal
  3. Plan for YOUR Goal
  4. Assume YOUR Goal & Make It Happen