I am in awe of the human body and all the intricate parts that make up a human being. The miracles are endless when you think of how many things we have going on at one time. The fact I can type this message without looking at a keyboard, is astonishing to me. How signals from the brain to other parts of our bodies allow us to move naturally, without conscious effort or delay.

When I get a tiny splinter too small to see however it bothers me until I remove it.

One tiny hair pulled from my head can be felt.

How a smile can make my face flush and my heart flutter all in the same moment.

How a loud sound can make me jump involuntarily – while the sweet sound of a favorite song can make me smile inside.

The human experience is truly amazing to me. All these things were gifted to us at birth. We were born with so many gifts.

And then, after birth, we learned so much more. Not all good. Not all positive.

We learned pain. We learned fear. We learned not to trust. We learned loss.

We learned many things that have crushed the human spirit and have damaged the human body.

This is why I COACH.

I want to help people dig out from the layers yuck that have filled their lives and their hearts and their bodies…and snuffed out their light.

I want to help others remove the layers preventing them from being a beautiful creation.

I want LOVE to replace hate
I want FAITH to replace fear
I want TRUST to replace doubt
I want JOY to overshadow sadness
I want HOPE to light the way
I want LAUGHTER to fill all hearts
I want COMMITMENT to replace giving up…

For years I covered my fears and sadness with food.

Too much food. Too many years.

I don’t want that life again. Ever.

I have found a better way.

I want to live a better way. Everyday.

I am in AWE of my new head.

My new head that cannot give up on me, ever again.

I do not want to be ruled by fear, ever again.

Love, Faith, Trust, Joy, Hope, Laughter and Commitment are my new best friends.

I want better for me. I want better for you.

I know we can ALL have, ALL we need.

The secret is knowing what you need.

Do you know what you really need?

Contact me to get started on your AWE…

Coach Sandy