Be Authentic

Once we have felt our authenticity silence a room – we understand what it feels like to let a genie out of a bottle. There is no putting it back…the bottle has been opened and our authenticity has filled the room. The light of authenticity has been lit and to try and douse the flame, would be painful and futile. Being authentic is like crossing over spikes in a roadway – we cannot turn back, without severe damage.  To continue forward is a journey like no other.

To live in authenticity is to finally follow our own, unique light. The light of our own truth and honesty. The light which will guide our every move, our every next step. When we are authentic, we can trust our steps to walk sure footedly.

Without authenticity, we allow others to divert us from our trusted path. If we do as others think we should do and depend on other’s thoughts to guide us, will depend on borrowed light to lift us up and show us the way. We will have surrendered our own eyes, our own ears, our own senses, to others. Without authenticity we are trapped in a contorted life, in a shape we no longer recognize.

Given the option to be authentic or not, it seems obvious we would choose to be authentic. Why would anyone choose to be anything but authentic?

The price of authenticity can be great.

Family, friends, neighbors and colleagues might not understand why we choose not to stand with them or near them. When we are following our own light – many times it will not be aligned with those we love. We can feel misunderstood among those most immediate in our lives and even lonely and isolated.

Is authenticity worth the price of being misunderstood?  Lonely? Isolated?

I choose to be misunderstood over compromised – any day.   When I am not being authentic, I am compromising myself and living less than.  If I don’t speak up for someone who is being abused or neglected – I am compromising my values.  If I go along when I see something I don’t agree with – I am compromising my values.  If I am compromising my values, I am not living a life worth living.

I can think of nothing more painful than sitting with a group who is spewing venom in a mean and hurtful way…being authentic will never allow me to remain in this situation. I would immediately distance myself from the venom party.

Does that mean we will be misunderstood, alone and isolated?

We can’t control being misunderstood.  We can explain ourselves but we can’t control whether someone will understand or accept our authenticity. We will be misunderstood by some people.  Accept and Own it.  You will be fine so long as you understand yourself.

What about being left Alone and Isolated?

We never have to alone or isolated.  We have a choice with the company we keep and we can choose differently.  Being alone or isolated from those people who do not operate in authenticity just might be a beautiful blessing.

Just last week –  I was driving safely on a little 2 lane winding road, when an erratic driver chose to pass me on a sharp curve – at a dangerously, reckless speed, with his buddy in a high rise truck behind me riding my bumper. Thankfully this event did not compromise my authenticity. I chose to safely pull over and let the truck pass me.  The truck screeched his wheels to dart around me – and I was grateful and safer to be behind both of them than in front of them.  Was I left alone, isolated and misunderstood?  Yes, and gratefully so.

When faced with being honest or accommodating with family how far does authenticity reach? What if being authentic could challenge family relationships spanning many decades? What is the cost of being honest with family who are not interested in real honestly and authenticity. Is it worth disturbing years and layers of dust that have accumulated on top of authenticity?


The cost of not being authentic is a much greater cost.

Not being authentic could mean biting our tongues (constantly), turning a blind eye to injustices, stuffing our feelings and never really being peaceful.  Ultimately, living a life of no value.

Living a life of no value – will lead to a path of deep despair. Period.

It requires courage to be authentic – to rise above the depths of despair and emerge into our own authentic light. Courage to walk sure footedly in your own light, regardless of where the crowds might be moving. Will your authentic walk be misunderstood? At times, yes.  However, when true authentic light shines consistently – others will come to trust you and your beautiful, authentic light.

Be AUTHENTIC – it is the best gift you will ever give yourself. And your loved ones.