Cost of Giving Up

Looking back you might see miles of woulda, coulda, shouldas

Hindsight and wisdom are common travel partners

Both a blessing when used for good

Never good when they free load in your head

Distracting you, weighing you down

There is NOTHING you can do to change the road behind

There is EVERYTHING you can do about the road ahead

It starts with KNOWING what you want

GOING after it

And NOT giving up


You can start a hundred things

What counts are the things you finish

Finished items have value

Unfinished items take up time, space and waste your money

Offering no value

A half baked pie

A half knitted scarf

A book half written

A house half built

A car half finished

A bridge half built

Real value is realized when you have completed, finished

How many times have you GIVEN UP on you?

Given up on your goals?

Your dreams?

Your course?

How many unfinished paths have left you devastated?



Unfinished goals weigh you down

Diluting your time, your energy, your money

It’s easy to see the cost of giving up on things we can see

A scarf, a house, a bridge

It is harder to quantify the cost of giving up on YOU

Cost of DISILLUSIONED dreams

Cost of GUTTED Goals

Cost of vision boards covered with COBWEBS

Hard to quantify the cost…but know this

The graveyard of dreams and goals will also take your body hostage

Your heart, your head, your hands, your feet

As you give up on the very things that give you life – your body responds

Your body is a faithful soldier

Your head tells your heart to shut down, it will

Your head tells your feet you can’t, you wont

How much of your body has shut down because you have given up?

Your body shutting down is the TRUE COST of giving up

When dreams die, so does the body

There is GOOD news…

REGARDLESS of the past…the future is yours to create

The graveyard of dreams and goals is not PERMANENT


You can bring your DREAMS back to LIFE

You can bring your BODY back to LIFE

You can DUST off those OLD dreams

You can add NEW dreams

You can start making VALUABLE progress today

Right NOW

You do not have to DELAY one more minute, one more day, one more year

The road ahead is YOURS

Treasure IT

Treasure YOU

Treasure your DREAMS

What do you want in your FUTURE road?

Within the next YEAR?

SIX months

THREE months

ONE month



Contact me today to get started on creating your best life


Coach Sandy