Dare To Be Six Again

I was given a new gift this past weekend.

The Gift of Loving Determination and Relentless Pursuit

From the same two year old
Who helped me rebrand my business 4 years ago,
Into: www.nothanks.me.

She is now six (almost seven as she reminds me often)
The gift she gave me this weekend was the full experience of
Loving Determination and Relentless Pursuit.

She wanted a long leopard coverup, similar to mine.
She was determine to make it happen.

That same day.

I told her I needed material.
~She picked out fabric from my collection.
I told her I needed a pattern.
~She made a drawing of what she wanted.
~Her drawing complete with the detail of the leopard print.
~She asked me how to spell the words as she detailed every action. ~She wrote down every step.
~Fold, Cut, Design, Sew…

She had watched me sew in the past.
She has sewn face masks with me. All by herself.
She knew I had everything I needed, to make this for her.

She just had to get me on board.

She did everything right.
~She made a plan.
~She involved me in spelling out all the words for her plan.
~She lovingly engaged me with relentless pursuit.
~She did not let up until I was fully executing to her plan.
~She was at my side while the material was cut.
~She was at my side while the sewing machine was set up.
~She was at my side while the machine was threaded.
~She was ready to sew it herself if I didn’t.

She wanted a cover up.
~That day.
~Not tomorrow.
~Not next week.
~Not after this or that blah, blah, blah.
~She wanted it then.
~Right then.
~She was laser focused.
~She never let up.

Once I was busily sewing her coverup – she went back to comfortably play on her iPad – knowing her project was being executed exactly, as she had made it happen.

~She didn’t just wish it.
~She didn’t just hope for it.
~She made it happen by engaging the one who could do this for her.
~She did her part.
~She spelled it all out.
~She did not rest until she knew it was in process.
~To her design.
~To her requirements.

How many of us stop short of this blessing?
How many of us give up before getting what we want?
How many never even ask for what we want?
Never even ask for what we need?
Never allowing ourselves to dream of the possibilities?
How many of us cheat ourselves of this gift?
The gift of knowing what we want and going after it.
Going after it – with loving determination and relentless pursuit.

When the coverup was done she was thrilled.
She wore it all evening and into the next morning.
She was completely delighted with the finished product.

She knew what she wanted and she made it happen.
I applaud her.
I admire her.
I need to be more like her.
I need a two year old spirit to say “NO Thanks” to anything not serving me.
I need a six year old’s loving determination and relentless pursuit.
To go after everything I want.

You can have anything you set your mind to…
Make a plan.
Be detailed.
Be concise.
Be deliberate.
Be determined.
Find someone who can help you execute your plan.
Then go after your goal with loving determination and relentless pursuit.

Dare to be six again.

Embrace life with Loving Determination and Relentless Pursuit.

Then celebrate with princess shoes and a mani pedi.

Say NO Thanks to anything less for your life.