Finding Fault

Everything was going great.
Christmas cards mailed, check.
Special cooking and baking done, check.
Presents wrapped, checked.
Attended beautiful church service, check.
Kids and grand kids healthy, check.
Families arrived safely from out of town, check.
Couldn’t want for more, check.
Everything important seemed well and good. Wonderful check.

And then…something happens and taints all the good.
How does this happen?
How do we allow this to happen?
Were we too tired?
Too hungry?
Too lonely?
Too vulnerable to resist having a negative reaction?

We ALWAYS have the choice to think positive…
BUT, we can be too tired, too hungry, too lonely to let positive prevail.
When we are too tired to resist a negative thought – we can succumb,
Falling into the pit of negativity.
Finding fault and then finding reasons to justify the fault.
No matter the issue – finding fault feels horrible.
No amount of justification can make finding fault, feel better.

On top of finding fault – we might then nose dive into stuffing our feelings with cheese cake, fudge, anything in sight and feel physically horrible on top of feeling the hangover of finding fault.

Maybe we even took it one step further and shared our negative feelings with someone – and have now spread this negativity to a bigger footprint.

So how do we stop? How do we get back our peace? Our serenity? Our mindful thoughts? Kind thoughts? Positive thoughts? How do we calm ourselves and get back to the person we want to be?

We need to rest.

Refocus on all that was good.
Refocus on all that was positive.
Prioritize our heads and our hearts on those things that serve us.
Let go of fear, people and things that do not serve us.
Let go of thinking others are clueless, selfish, disrespectful.
Let it go.
Let it all go.

Finding fault will only hurt the one finding it.
Choose to let go of this burden.
Allow positive thoughts to flow back into our heads and hearts.
Choose the example we want to be…and be it.