Group Weight Loss Coaching

Group Weight Loss Coaching is offered multiple times a year.

Starting in 2023 – Groups will be 6 months in length…giving you the time you need to feel and see a REAL improvement in your LIFE and your BODY.

Please check back in November 2022 for NEW Upcoming 2023 Classes – starting Jan 2023.

My Group Weight Loss program mirrors the Weight Loss program for individuals.  With a Group you have the advantage of hearing and learning from others – sharing common experiences -while working your own, personal program.

We will begin with helping you define your true priorities and how much time you are spending on things which matter most to you.  The angst we feel is normally the gap between what we want to be doing and what we are actually doing.  As we work together, you will be able to redirect your time to those things which truly energize and feed your soul.  Saying “NO Thanks” to those things which drain your precious time and energy.

This is the same foundation and format offered in my Life Coaching program.  To be able to lose weight – you need to start with a solid understanding of what is truly important to you.   Once you have this understanding of yourself, you can begin to make incremental changes to your life that will help you lose the extra weight you are carrying.

My coaching program is not specific to a diet or special meal plan.   You decide what foods work best for your body.  I have some suggestions and jewels of information for you, but ultimately YOU decide what foods fuel your body vs. what foods weigh you down.  My clients are typically those who have tried every diet plan available – and are still struggling with being over weight – because they use food to numb out and avoid life.

My programs will help you engage in a life you LOVE… eliminating the need to numb out.  When you eliminate the root causes for overeating you will get different results in your life and your body.

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Here’s what you can expect…

  • You WILL lose weight
  • You will look better
  • You will feel better
  • You will have more time
  • You will have more money
  • You will sleep more
  • You will play more
  • You will smile more

This is the BEST GIFT ever!

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Here’s what’s included with the Group Coaching and Coaching Kit…

  • Group Calls each week – at least twice a week!
  • Coaching Bag
  • Workbook and Worksheets for each week of the program
  • Large Red Journal
  • Pen
  • Small Food Journal
  • Tape Measure
  • Business Card
  • Business Card Magnet
  • 17 Podcasts
  • 24 Week Calendar focusing on a Healthier YOU!

All group coaching sessions are live and online – making it easy for anyone to connect on the calls.

Group calls provide extra support from a community focused on a common purpose. The group setting can be a great support for those who enjoy being connected to others.

*Group calls will be recorded so you never need to miss a connection

Contact me to sign up.

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No Refund Policy

Please note: Once sessions have been purchased – there are NO REFUNDS.  Please read my *NO REFUND Policy for more information. If you want to talk live about my no refund policy – please request a call in your email.