How Many Chances

How many chances does a person get to do the right thing? How many times do we allow ourselves to be affected by other’s actions before we say enough, no more. NO Thanks.

How many chances does a business get to do the right thing? How many times do we plead our case before we say enough, no more. NO Thanks.

How many chances do we give anything or anyone to do the right thing?

There is no magic number.

Some things the number is “0”, as in “zero”. Meaning we have zero tolerance for somethings and don’t even think about it, not even one time.

Other things might get 3 strikes…and then it’s “game over”.

And then there are those things, where the only number is when we are done, truly done.

This post might have been more appropriately titled “Truly Done” instead of “How Many Chances.” Being truly done is the key measure of how many chances we will give something of great importance. We have to be done, “Truly Done” before we will change our response, our behavior and choose a new path.

Everyone’s “Done” meter is different. No one has the same limits or boundaries or tolerance. Each one of us has our own “Truly Done” threshold.

I just received the eleventh unsatisfying response from the same organization. Eleven times I asked for a company to look at their part, accept responsibility and do the right thing. Eleven times I took the time to document my case, ask for information and look for a glimmer of hope the company would accept some responsibility for their part. I was disappointed once more.

I told myself I need to be done with them. Truly done. I need to stop trying to get them to be something they are not. Fair. Decent. Responsible.

The eleventh response sent me down memory lane – to several key times in my life when being done was life changing for me. Being done meant being employed or not, married or not, moving or not.

HUGE choices. HUGE changes. HUGE impacts.

I reflected back on all the times I allowed myself to stay open, be open. Waiting for someone or some company to do the right thing.

The times were many – maybe too many for my own good.

But with each situation I felt I had to give it all the chances I possibly could.

I had to stay to the bitter end. I couldn’t leave early.

Just as I have never left a concert or a movie early – I had to stay to see the rolling credits…and in some cases I was still there when the lights came back on and the clean up crew was there to clean up the destruction from it all…I had to stay until I was truly done.

I love this about me. I love that I don’t give up easily.

I love that I have allowed the same people many chances with my heart.

I love that I have allowed the same companies many chances with my time, my talents and my heart too.

I have given as Many Chances as it takes for me to be done. Truly done.

Today, I can finally say I am done with this company and their eleventh unsatisfying response.

I am Done.

Truly Done.

NO Thanks to another chance.