Hurting to Healing

A beautiful young lady approached me last evening and within seconds tears were streaming down her face. She had barely started to ask for help, when tears flowed from her beautiful, wide eyes.

Just the mere gesture of her approaching me, wanting to ask for help had made her vulnerable, open, accepting and probably anxious and a bit frightened too.

Her tears stopped me in my tracks. I stopped talking. I stopped moving. I just stopped. I stood there – allowing her to ask for help. Allowing her to cry. Allowing her to be vulnerable. And hopefully allowing her to feel safe.

I realize now my body responded as I would coming upon a wounded animal. Careful. Allowing the animal time to trust me before proceeding further. We humans are no different. When we are hurting – no matter the reason – we must trust those we ask for help.

I stood in front of this young lady as she was reaching out, asking for help and when it was safe to do so gave her a hug. A reassuring hug that she didn’t have to hurt any more. She could begin to heal. She could walk toward the light and away from the darkness.

I could feel a great spiritual shift in that moment. For me. And I believe for her too.

That moment of great hurt, great burden being released. Being set free. Being lifted.

I could feel a true soul connection and I hugged her again and let her know it will be better.

I know it can be better for her. She can move from hurt to healing and she made the first most beautiful step last night. Asking for help.

I could not be more blessed she asked me. For my help. My guidance. I am honored.

It is so true when the student is ready the teacher will appear…and last night I was honored to experience this first hand, as the teacher.

Beautifully. Perfectly. On Time.