Letting Go

So true the saying if you love something “Let it Go”….and the best thing to let go of is resentments.

Holding onto resentments is like holding a bouquet of thorns. Not roses, just thorns.  There is no beauty in resentments.  Holding this kind of bouquet ONLY hurts the person holding the bouquet.

When we are harboring resentments we cannot be at peace.

Resentments stem from things we imagine or fear and convince ourselves to be true.  The longer we hold resentments, the longer we are committed to hurting. Ourselves.

Resentments grow bigger and deeper with time. The fears and imaginings snowball and we get more bitter, more resentful the longer we are holding the thorn bouquet.

So how do we say “NO Thanks” to these fears and imaginings…we say “Yes” to believe something better.

We can choose to believe something better, at any time – we just have to WANT to feel better.  When we truly want to feel better – we can allow ourselves to be free from resentments.

We can put to rest fears that might have been brewing inside of us, for years. We can let go. We can choose to be at peace – no matter the situation. No matter what anyone else does.  The power to Let Go is all up to us.  Each one of us can choose to Let Go. Anytime. Anyplace.

We can choose to act according to our values, not our fears…and we can say “NO Thanks” to anything less than believing the best for ourselves and others.