Not Now

What does Not Now mean?

Does Not Now mean NOT EVER ?

I believe Not Now is relative to the situation.

Some examples:
Not Now – for a child waiting to go to school
Not Now – for a teenager wanting to go somewhere alone
Not Now – for a young couple hoping to conceive
Not Now – for a military person longing to return home
Not Now – for a person in college working on a degree
Not Now – for a person working towards retirement

Not Now does not mean giving up – instead it is the very opposite.

  • Not Now requires strength not weakness.
  • Not Now requires patience not impulsiveness.
  • Not Now requires more effort, not less.
  • Not Now requires more faith, versus fear.
  • Not Now requires more courage to persevere.
  • Not Now requires wisdom to think past today.
  • Not Now requires trusting yourself to know when it’s the right time for you.
  • Not Now requires self care to plan your best time.

It is easy to act to make things happen, NOW.
It is not always enjoyable to make things happen NOW.

I could book a trip to Hawaii and leave today.
I could be flying to Hawaii tonight if I really wanted to. Flying to a beautiful, paradise island, with all the pleasures we see advertised. I could literally pick up and leave today.

However, these are the challenges I might face if I chose to leave for Hawaii today.

  • I might have to go alone if no one was able to join me.
  • I would not have great things to wear to my island paradise.
  • I might pay a fortune for a same day plane ticket.
  • I might pay a fortune for a last minute hotel stay.
  • I might have to settle for accommodations because there were no rooms where I wanted to stay.
  • I might not have enough money to really enjoy my time in Hawaii.
  • I would not be able to get excited about sharing a great vacation with great friends.
  • I might not be able to pay my regular expenses if I use up all my resources taking a trip, today.

Going to Hawaii does not even sound good when I break down the reality of making this happen TODAY.

Not Now for Hawaii, is a blessing for me, for today.

I don’t want something so special, so precious, to be treated with less than the great care it warrants.

When I go to Hawaii next time:

  • I want to be able to share the time with my besties.
  • I want to have the resources saved to enjoy myself.
  • I want the time to be treasured and savored, not compromised.
  • I want to be able to return home and continue to live financially responsible.

Not Now to me does not mean Not Ever.

Not Now to me means, “When the time is best for me”.