Paid in Full

What does PAID in FULL mean to you?
A job completed?
A payment satisfied?
An account resolved – whether paid or not?

Recently I had the experience where I was told my account was paid in full…and this was unexpected news to me.  I didn’t know of any extra payment angels in my life and no one I was aware of had access to my account to pay this account on my behalf.  I called about it twice and was told twice, it was paid in full.  And they are sending me a statement to show this is the case.  So why do I still wonder if this is true? Because I know I did not pay this account in full myself.   I know for almost certain, this bill will rear it’s ugly head again in my future.  Someday, one day when I might least expect it. Or maybe not.  Maybe somehow this payment was paid in full somehow, just not by me.  I am happy to accept the statement showing paid in full today – and I am also preparing for the day when I might receive a statement saying “Payment Due” with the same amount of decimal places I am laying to rest today.

This is a great lesson in knowing my truth, my real truth and while I might accept someone else’s truth “for now” I will never lose site of my truth.