Play is the Best Medicine

Years ago one of my co-workers placed a sticker on his low file cabinet that read “NO GRASS CLIPPINGS”. It was a bumper sticker size label and I don’t know why he put it there but it was like a challenge to me. For months I stared at this sticker and never understood why he had it there…and then on April Fools day in 1992 I did just what the sign said not to – I added fresh Grass Clippings inside his file cabinet. I sat across the hall from him and was quite reserved when it came to work. I pretty much was just a focused, loyal, responsible employee – and would never be suspected of such activity. I had the best time – and I still laugh about it today when I think of the puzzled look on his face when he opened the file and saw all the grass clippings….it was messy but not damaging – so I felt it was just a practical joke – no harm intended. He was bewildered. He asked me if I had seen any one come by and of course I said “No”. It was a great prank and I got so much fun from this silliness. It did no harm, and puzzled him until his last day at work. At his going away lunch party I finally shared I was the one who had put grass clippings in his file cabinet. For over a year I got to hear him talk about this to co-workers, asking them, accusing them, trying his best to solve the mystery…as he said “NO Thanks” to Grass clippings…priceless.