Pointed Arrows – Business and Love

Oh my goodness…I remember telling a friend years ago that I needed to be careful where I pointed my arrow. (Cupid arrow that is)…because when I targeted LOVE it happened. So I knew to be true to myself and only go after what I truly wanted. Lesson: Don’t point my arrow if I was not prepared to follow through.

Today was a wonderful reinforcement of that lesson and the power of my arrow. But in business not love.

Yesterday I entered my information into a few job sites, to secure a new paying gig in high tech project management.

I am not actively coaching for personal reasons, at this time, so I am using my profession of 30 years, project management, to support me financially for the next few years.

After getting 15+ calls within 2 hours, I went back to the job sites today and stripped off my phone number from my resume and my profile…and reposted my info with just my email contact.

I seriously could not keep up with the calls, texts, voicemails and emails flooding me today. I had not pointed my arrow narrowly enough, to get the type of response I was truly seeking.

I was getting catcalls and whistles and shouts from all areas, but I was not getting the solid response from a special company who truly needs a person with my skills and talents. A company where I can add value and offers me value in return.

I do not want to bat away 100 calls only to be too tired to address the true gem in the pile. I want to make room for the true gem who will seriously pursue me as a person, an applicant, not just a number shoved onto their desk for review.

I want my time valued as I value other’s time. I want meaningful. I want worthy. I want to meet my equal. A company who will meet me where I am and together we do some amazing work.

Business is truly not different than Love.

Finding meaningful work is just as important as finding a meaningful partner. It’s built on honesty, trust, respect, appreciation, commitment and loyalty.

And like love, when it’s right you just know.

So for today, I have withdrawn my arrow, (ooops another call just now) and have put it back in its velvet case…to rest and refocus.

I’m going to allow proper intention and focus to fill my arrow with wisdom and conviction.

In this world filled with noisy cat calls and whistles…I am looking for the one looking just for me. And then I’ll send my arrow soaring. I’ll know when I know.