Resist or Embrace

Probably the two most powerful and opposing positions we will ever take in our life. Resist or Embrace. They are complete opposites.

If you compare Resist and Embrace to the North and South Pole – there is not a direct line of site between the two. The curvature of the Earth does not allow you to be at one pole and see the other pole…it is not possible.

Much like resist or embrace. We cannot imagine seeing our way to embracing when we are deep in resistance.

These polar opposites were best modeled by my momma cat many years ago. She delivered 5 healthy kittens and a week later became deathly ill herself. Three surgeries and 4 weeks later, the vet asked me to bring in one of the kittens when I brought in the momma cat for her post op check up.

I struggled to get the momma cat in the carrier to take her to the vet. I tried to be so careful as she had been through so many surgeries and was so fragile but she fought me for almost an hour. I tried everything. As fragile as she was, she managed to get all 4 paws on the outside of the carrier and resist being put into the carrier. For a LONG time. Finally, I got momma in the carrier – and the kitten in a separate little box and off to the vet we went.

Momma cat was recovering well from all the surgeries and the vet said the kitten looked good too. I was not doing near so well. I had not slept in 4 weeks as I had become the surrogate mom to 5 kittens, bottle feeding them every 2 hours (along with my sister and niece who helped me). Thankfully, the momma cat and kitten were doing well – and momma cat was on the road to recovery.

When the vet was done with the post op exam – he started to put the momma cat back into the carrier. I shared with him how I struggled for almost an hour to get her inside to come to the appointment. Without saying a word the vet picked up the kitten and put the kitten inside the cat carrier. Without hesitation, the momma cat walked inside the carrier on her own and laid down with her kitten.

I almost fell through the floor. I was dumbfounded. I could not believe my eyes.

I had witnessed a complete reversal of resistance to total embrace, within seconds.

I don’t know that I have ever witnessed such extremes since – or ever will – but that day, that moment, is forever etched in my mind.

Whenever I hear the word resistance – I think of the momma cat and her fear, her anxiety of being locked inside the carrier – even if it was for her own safety – she resisted the carrier, every step of the way, until there was a greater purpose for her embracing the carrier.

When the momma cat was faced with protecting her baby, she embraced the carrier and walked in on her own accord and settled in, with zero resistance.

I witnessed a beautiful example that day of moving from resistance to embracing.


What are you resisting?

Is resistance serving you?

What would embracing look like? What would embracing feel like?

What would it take for you to move from resistance to embracing?

What would it take for you to embrace healing?

Are you ready to stop resisting and embrace healing?

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