STOP Stopping

STOP Stopping Yourself

STOP Stopping yourself short of
A Goal.
A Finish line.
A Dream.

STOP Stopping yourself


Every time we stop ourselves from achieving – we are cheating ourselves of something precious, something vital

Something valuable.

Every time we restart-we have to muster up a new source of

It is SOOO much EASIER to keep going, than to restart

Even more reason to STOP STOPPING ourselves!

When we STOP, extra baggage seems to climb aboard, like these freeloaders named…

Guilt, Shame, Blame, Discouragement, Frustration, Failure

When these freeloaders pile on, our load becomes heavier
Making a restart even more difficult
It can take FOREVER to remove the freeloaders
And simply get moving again
None of these freeloaders pile on when we are moving

When we stop ourselves

We lose precious ground
We drift backwards
Sometimes rapidly
Creating a greater distance from our goal

It is exhausting to start over
It is agonizing and exhausting to repeatedly start over

So why do we STOP?
Do we get tired?
Do we get bored?
Do we lack commitment?
Is our goal truly important?
Is our goal truly a priority?

We must get honest with ourselves

How badly do we really want whatever it is we keep stopping ourselves from achieving or finishing?

  • Weight Loss
  • Financial Security
  • Educational Goals
  • LOVE
  • Etc….

You must get absolutely honest about your goal

What is it you TRULY wish for?

Now ask yourself WHY you want this…

Ask yourself WHY 5 times

Ask WHY to get to your primary root reason

Now ask yourself WHY 5 more times

To uncover more root reasons

These root reasons are your energy source

Let these roots feed you, drive you, fuel you forward

Your GOAL can now become a deeply rooted priority

Your GOAL becomes possible when you know what it truly means for you

STOP Stopping yourself for ONE Day


Now keep GOING

GO !