• "I love this..."

    “After hearing your slogan “NO Thanks” I have found myself saying and using that often.  It applies to so many areas.  Other people’s baggage, NO thanks, that cookie when I’m already full, NO thanks!… The list goes on and on.  I even used it today when what seemed like an opportunity, only to find it was another distraction.  I love this, saying NO to things that don’t serve me well means saying YES to what does! Thank you!”

    San Leandro, CA
  • "What a breakthrough..."

    "Sandy helped me see my thoughts around my weight were limiting me.  I have found that after her coaching I am able to think about the tools I use to manage my weight as TOOLS like other tools I use to manage my life. I don't have any mind chatter around that anymore. What a break through!

    Thank you!" 

  • "From troubled to treasured times..."

    "I have teenagers and had found myself running on fumes most the time or fuming over something they had done. They seem to take turns exhausting my patience and endurance. With this help, I have been able to apply new healthy boundaries to my non-negotiables - and let much of the rest go - allowing me to enjoy my kids much more - and treasuring the time I do have with them. We have gone from troubled to treasured times... (most the time)"

  • "Such a great experience..."

    "I reached out for coaching when I was having relationship issues. I learned so much about myself during our sessions that I never planned to learn. I just wanted to fix him, but it backfired on me and I got all the blessings of the coaching. That relationship did not last, however the coaching lessons have lasted and are working for me in all aspects of my life. Such a great experience."