The Power of RESET

The Power of RESET

I slept 12 hours last night with only one nature break halfway through the night. These were not 12 restless hours – these were 12, pass out cold hours. I was not hungover from food or drink – but I was totally in need of sleep, deep sleep. I had not slept for a single minute the night before – because when I went to bed at mid-night the night before, with an alarm set for 6:30 am – I tossed and turned and finally at 2am I got up and put the coffee on and decided sleep was not going to happen for me, that night.

The following day I operated OK, not great, but OK. Attending 2 football games starting at 7:00 am, in temperatures over 100 degrees – and by the time I was back home in the cool air – I struggled to keep my eyes open…by 6 pm – I was done, completely done with standing upright. I alerted family I was heading to bed for the night and went out, like a light.

Amazing. Truly amazing to not remember lying in bed. No tossing, no turning, I must have been to sleep in less than a minute.  I allowed myself to shut down completely. No alarm set for the following day.  I just completely powered down.

I woke today at 6 am – naturally. I had luscious watermelon for breakfast, showered and washed my hair that so badly needed washing and I just poured a cup of coffee. Life is good. Simple and good.

I allowed myself the Power OF RESET last night when I powered down. I had been operating on fumes for much of last week – and my body had been shutting down on several fronts. Horrible pain in my right shoulder blade, brain of mush that was not able to properly prioritize or think straight. Simple tasks feeling monumental to tackle – and no lists. I wasn’t even making my normal daily lists of things to conquer. I was unraveling on many fronts and much of it was due to horrible sleep patterns all week. Several nights I could not sleep and felt restless – so I struggled with several nights of 4-5 hours of broken sleep. It was HOT. The temperature was hot in my area and I do not like heat. Several times I had checked the temperature in Alaska and Santa Cruz – even checking out real estate in “cooler areas”.

I was over due for a RESET and last night was exactly what I needed. I feel like a whole new person today.

How many areas of our life do we need to RESET?

And how many of those areas do we allow a reset to happen. Allow? Yes, allow. We have to ALLOW ourselves to reset as needed, when needed. I didn’t say spin. I said reset. These are two completely different things.

RESET allows us to breathe, sleep, rest, and then realign with our priorities.

SPIN is tiring action without useful purpose or direction.


RESET whether it be out of desperation or planned intention – is powerfully good and sometimes, absolutely necessary.

We have all witnessed RESET for good, in many areas of our lives…

RESET a computer when everything seems to be whacky and not working right.

RESET a budget when you have 10 bucks left until your next paycheck.

RESET a relationship after a blow up.

RESET travel plans after a major disruption.

RESET educational goals.

RESET life priorities.

RESET weight loss goals.

Weight loss goals? Really? Is this really so important as the other things on this list?

Maybe it is the “MOST IMPORTANT” thing on this list. To me, it is. Most Important.

I will not let go of the weight loss goals I have for myself. I want to feel thinner, lighter, healthier. I do not want to find comfort in the rolls above my waist. I do not want to invite them to stay. They are not welcome guests, regardless of my age. I do not have to accept this extra weight as a sign of getting older. I do not want to settle. I will not settle. Instead I RESET. I continuously RESET. Being a healthy weight is the basis for thriving in all other areas of my life. And that is why… I reset as often as I need, to get to my goal.

I have not been great about resetting midday, however, I am GREAT about resetting at the end of each day. My reset begins when I go to bed at night. I put the troubling things behind me at the end of every day and I let go of them.

As I drift off to sleep I visualize what I want for myself and I am renewed in my journey. I put in place all the good thoughts to make tomorrow good and when I wake up – I am renewed, refreshed, RESET.

I allow myself to power down at the end of every day – and I RESET my priorities for the following day. I would be much more successful if I could RESET whenever needed – and this is my goal going forward. To RESET on command.

My RESET muscle is strong and constant at the end of each day. I do not allow over eating days to continue for more than a day. I start each day well. The secret to my success, is to end them as well as I start them.

The SECRET is RESET. Continuous RESET.