Welcome to the priceless gift of "NO thanks"

This site is about graciously saying “NO Thanks” to things that do not serve you.

This site is about using your precious time and resources
on those things that fill your soul

I witnessed this amazing life lesson from my 2 year old granddaughter

She responded “NO Thanks” to something I suggested/requested she do
Her response was polite and sweetly spoken yet stated with great conviction
And she repeated her response, with unwavering conviction
She was being genuine and true to herself when she said “NO Thanks”

I felt like she was handing me a gift with her precious response of “NO Thanks”
After my shock subsided,
I chose to learn something simple and powerful that day

How to say “NO Thanks” so it feels like a gift to me,
And a gift to the person on the receiving end
Here's a few questions to ask yourself
    Do you say “Yes” when you want to say “NO”?
Do you take on more than you can reasonably handle?
Do you eat on the run, grabbing whatever is close at hand?
Do you sacrifice sleep to accomplish what you committed to do?
Do you miss out on regular exercise, because you have no time?
Do you long for 5 minutes of solitude in your crazy, hectic day?
If any of these questions triggered a gut level reaction
Then you are the perfect guest to my site.
I will share how to fill your life with things that truly matter to you and how to say “NO Thanks” to things that drain you.